Working with Skin Candy is easy and profitable when done correctly.

Treat your client to soft skin, and become a fully certified Skin Candyist. Learn how to use Skin Candy from the best! Do you want to make $2,000 from 1kg of candying paste? 

We organise training workshops for professionals all over New Zealand. During the basic training series, professionals have the opportunity to take part in the theory, learn about Xylitol and go through treatments done by our certified trainer!  Our Advanced training is intended for professionals who have completed the basic skills, as a way to upgrade their techniques and capabilities.

Come and learn about hair removal with our Finnish Xylitol Paste! Skin Candy’s natural ingredients do not aggravate or irritate the skin. Our pastes contain Xylitol and help prevent inflammation which help to accelerate skin healing after treatment. As pastes are made from all natural ingredients, they can even be used by clients with allergies, psoriasis or dry skin.

Skin Candy is easy, fast and lucrative. Skin Candy can easily remove even the shortest of hair, so you do not have to grow your hair in order for the paste to stick to them. Skin Candy pastes adhere only to the hair and dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and soft after each treatment. The process exfoliates the skin with hair removal and decreases the chances of ingrown hairs.

Come and take part in our training!

Basic Training

Come along and learn the foundations of our Skin Candy, and how to offer it to your clients. The Basic Training is designed for professionals and students alike to help you get started with Skin Candy treatments. You are also given a box that contains everything you need and a little on top! Group discounts available, get in touch for more information.

Advanced Training

After you’ve mastered our hair removal system and you have the basics under control, come and take part in our Advanced Training! This is where you will learn to remove facial hair (nose, ears, eyebrows) all the techniques and situations that your require to become a pro.